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Replace a cooktop glass

Replace a cooktop glass

Radiant elements under the main top are used to heat. The main top is made of ceramic glass. If the glass cracks or is otherwise damaged, stop using the cooktop elements until you can replace the glass top with a manufacturer-approved range part, following the steps in this DIY repair guide and video. If the glass cracks, heat from cooking may expand it and break the glass.
This repair method replaces the glass top on the Kenmore and Frigidaire ranges. The same basic installation process for stovetop replacement glass can be used with many Whirlpools, KitchenAids, Maytags, Amanas, GEs, LGs, and Samsungs.

Disconnect power from the range

Unplug your range or shut down the circuit breaker.

Open a cooktop

Remove the screws at the bottom of the front lip on the glass cooktop. The front lip of the frame will be released from the bracket. Lift the front of your cooktop to remove the frame sides. Next, lift the cooktop and pull it forward to release the hinge tabs. Then, lift the edge of the glass and prop it up. Place the prop on the front of your range, underneath the center of the cooktop front lip. You should avoid damaging the insulation inside the oven’s cavity when propping open the cooktop.

Remove all surface elements on the cooktop.

Carefully remove the screws on the front element’s support bracket. Lower the front component and bracket onto the oven insulation. Repeat the same process to lower both the front and rear surface elements.

Remove your cooktop

Remove the prop carefully and lift the entire cooktop assembly.

Transfer hinge tabs from the old cooktop to the new

Release each hinge tab using a slotted screwdriver. Install the tabs onto the new cooktop by bending each hinge slot inward. Position the new cooktop. Place the new cooktop at the top of your range.

Remove your cooktop

Attach surface elements

Attach the support bracket for the rear surface element and the surface elements to the cooktop. Repeat this process to attach the surface elements on the front.

Reattaching the cooktop

Remove the prop holding the cooktop in place and lower it. The front lip of the cooktop frames should be tucked under the front cabinet bracket. Lower the sides of the cooktop frames over the ends of the front bracket. Insert the hinge tabs in the slots of the backguard. Push the cooktop forward. Install the mounting screws on the front lip. Close the oven.

Restore the power range

If you unplugged the range, plug it back in or activate the circuit breaker for the range. Push the range back into place if you open it. Ensure the rear leveling feet are appropriately engaged with the anti-tip bracket. In case of having issues repairing glass or gas cooktops, read our Thermador cooktop manual.

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Replace a cooktop glass
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