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Freezer Not Freezing? Chill Out. What to do when you have a problem?

Freezer Not Freezing? Chill Out. What to do when you have a problem?

Fridges are the most indispensable kitchen appliance. Fridges are great for saving money, time, and energy because they can keep your food fresh for a long time. And remember, don’t the ice cream. What if that kitchen appliance isn’t cooling as well as it should be? It’s worth fixing it yourself before paying for an appliance technician.

The 4 Reasons Your Freezer Isn’t Frozen

Loose Door Seals

The gaskets or seals of the freezer may need to be checked if it’s not as cold as expected, but otherwise, your refrigerator works fine.

The door gaskets of the freezer can crack due to normal wear. The warm air can leak slowly into the freezer, preventing it from adequately freezing. Sometimes it is hard to tell. Take a dollar and place it in the freezer, but leave enough to allow you to pull the bill. If the dollar bills pull out quickly, the gaskets must be sealed more. It’s important to remember that a gasket failure can occur in just one place. That will keep your freezer warm. Remember to check the freezer in different places. The gasket will need to be replaced if there are any worn areas. It is easy to replace the door seal. Order door seals directly from the manufacturer of your freezer and install them as per the instructions included in the package. Installation of gaskets can vary. In most cases, however, the gasket is installed by simply sticking the seal lip into the groove in the door.

No Air Circulation

The unit may be overloaded. An overloaded freezer will restrict airflow and make the evaporator’s fan work harder. The evaporator motor will eventually fail if left unchecked. You can avoid replacing your evaporator by appropriately circulating the air in your freezer. You may also hear an intermittent high-pitched humming if the evaporator’s motor is not working correctly. Find the fan at the back of the freezer to make sure that nothing is stuck in the blades. If the fan still makes noise and you haven’t noticed anything, you may have a failing motor. If you think this is the problem, call a professional to replace it.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser’s coils should be free of dust and dirt if your door seals and shelves are in good shape. Over time, the coils will become covered in dirt and dust, which can lead to the condenser motor overworking itself. Coils will be at the base or sometimes behind the unit, depending on the brand. The coils need to be covered by an easy-to-remove grill. Unplug your unit first. Next, remove the unit from its wall mounting and locate the coils. You can quickly identify them as they’re U-shaped metal tubing. Here, a condenser toothbrush will give you the best results. These brushes were designed to clean between coil grids. Use the brush to remove all debris and ensure you get into the tightest corners. Once you’re finished, vacuum any debris left on the flooring. Clean the coils of your condenser as part of routine refrigerator maintenance. It would help if you did this once or twice a year to keep your refrigerator in top working condition.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Faulty starter relay

The start relay may malfunction if you notice that your freezer is unreliable, repeatedly starting and stopping. The relay can also be called a controller. This device helps turn the compressor off and on when required, acting as an intermediary between the thermostat. A defective relay will cause the compressor to either not start or shut down prematurely. Unplug your unit, and then pull it from the wall. Allow yourself enough space to reach behind the refrigerator. To remove the back panel, you will need a small screwdriver. Once the back is removed, the large black cylinder can be found on one of the sides. This is the compressed. The relay can be located on the side or back of the compressor. Remove the relay by removing the wires. When the relay is removed, look closely at it and see if there are any charred or burned marks. If you find any, this means it’s been shorted.

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Freezer Not Freezing? Chill Out. What to do when you have a problem?
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