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San Diego Garbage Disposal Repair

Emergency Garbage Disposal Repair Service in San Diego

Garbage disposal is an essential part of the kitchen appliances we use for our convenience and smooth functioning of the cooking process. In this regard, we are proud to highlight that San Diego Garbage Disposal Repair assists in keeping edible waste out of landfill sites, which is beneficial for our environment in numerous ways. Our company ensures effective and prompt troubleshooting as well as swift redress of your garbage disposal repair issues. We make sure that your garburator is repaired on time so that you may continue profiting mother nature. Apparently, in few households equipped with sewer accessibility, garbage disposal repair pass on edible waste to the wastewater plants for treatment.

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These treating plants process solid items, which organic into fertilizers. Additionally, there are more advanced treatment plants, which trap and utilize biogas from disposal waste and use it for producing energy.

Brands that we service

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Services Provided by San Diego Garbage Disposal Repair

At San Diego Garbage Disposal Repair, we provide our repair services to the following:

Uninterrupted Feed

For the functioning of these models, all you need is to flick on a wall-mounted or an accessory switch. These model types contain a rubber flat plate or a shield, which holds edibles within the unit whilst helping the disposal units to operate without any noise compared to its other counterparts.

Feed-in Batches

The operation of these units is only possible through both engaging of the disposal lid and covering of the disposal. These units take extra time for installation, which is worth it. Safety is an essential feature of these units, which makes them preferable and perfect for families with kids, or simply popular among people preferring top safety.

Garbage Disposal Appliance Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair in San Diego, Ca

In case of any appliance repair needs, you can confidently hire experts from San Diego Washer Repair and be sure that our dedicated technician will fix all issues fast and will bring your life back to normal state. Home appliances are truly the most important thing in our homes making our lives easier, simpler and more organized. Keeping them maintained and in good working condition all the time saves us from a lot of frustration. Being well aware of the processes involved in fixing home appliances is an amazing way of understanding the functioning of your appliances and how you can look after them.

Our Technicians are dedicated to making things work for clients. Their knowledgeable approach and professional and friendly behavior makes them stand out. We credit our success to them for their steadfastness and professionalism. They are not only licensed but also keep on increasing their knowledge on par with the latest techniques.

Non-Functioning Garbage Disposal

If your unit is not functioning properly, namely, you flip the switch, but there is no noise and spinning, it might be due to the power issues in your fuse box or circuit breakers. If there are no issues with electric power supply, then there might be a problem concerning the overheating of the unit. This can be verified by the position of the small reset button, which is red and located at the bottom of your system. In case the reset button is cropped up out, then probably your disposal unit have been overheated. In both scenarios, we recommend you to call our repair service immediately to handle the situation and restore the unit into its working condition.

Clogging In The Garbage Disposal Unit Drain

At San Diego Disposal Repair, for the sake of your safety, we recommend you seeking immediate technical help in case of clogging issues. Nonetheless, if the issue is not very severe, then it can be resolved by disassembling the trap and removing the clog with a drain snake. We strongly urge that if you handle any clogging issues by yourself, please ensure that the main power switch is powered off at all times for your safety. In case the clog is not cleared, we recommend you to call our technicians for help.

Noisiness in the Disposal Unit

The disposal units usually make loud noises when any foreign particle gets stuck in its machinery. Even loose screws, blades, broken flyweights, or any other elements of the disposal unit bear the possible potential to produce excessive audible noises and frequent jams. If such an issue occurs, San Diego Disposal Repair strongly urges you to seek immediate technical help to avoid any further damage to your units. If left untreated, it may cause water leakage into the motor and bearings of your garburator.

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San Diego, Ca Garbage Disposal Repair Service

How We Prolong the Life of Your Disposal Units

At San Diego Disposal Repair Service, the safety of our customers is our priority. Accordingly, we strongly recommend seeking professional help for the decent maintenance of your garbage disposal. For the proper functioning of your unit, we advise you to clean it thoroughly after every use. Below, some recommended steps can enhance the life of your garburator:

Step 1: Drain Your Sink

Floating food bits are the main cause of a clogged sink. To begin with the drainage of your sink, first, turn off the machine. Then, scoop the water out and inside the bucket. If there is too much water, fill the sink up and take the plunging approach instead with reasonable or average pressure. Either this trick will unclog your disposal entirely, or at least it will move what was blocking your disposal. This will also allow the water to drain quicker and get rid of the detritus as we further inquire into the problem.

Step 2: Freeing of the Chamber

fter the draining process, we initiate the plunging process to ensure that your disposal unit does not jam due to the presence of some unanticipated foreign material or waste. Additionally, our repair process involves other steps that necessitate the running of your machine, which we require to perform as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Our procedure involves the following:

  • Using the flashlight – we use a flashlight to inspect the inner side of the machine to identify any possible or potential sources that hinder the operation and smooth running of your machine. We ensure giving particular attention to the grind ring of the machine.
  • Using pliers – with the help of the pliers, we pluck out the extraneous particles that got stuck in the system.
  • Turning the power on – after thoroughly cleaning and freeing the machine of possible waste debris, we initiate the running of the machine. In the first instance, we try to operate the machine with water, which is poured in weak streams to check for any jamming issues. If no jamming occurs, then the machine has been repaired. If jamming still appears, then we troubleshoot the problem in detail.
  • After plunging, we start the main procedure, which is explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

Step 3: Cleaning of the P-Trap

This step is pretty simple as it merely involves the removal of P-trap and cleaning it or substituting it with a replacement. This step is, however, a bit lengthy and quite messier than the previous steps. We use the help of buckets, pliers, paper towels and last but not the least, our hands in this step. After gathering the required tools we start the process as follows:

  • We place the bucket with the towels underneath the P-trap to prevent any sludge from spilling or leaking out.
  • After the above, we loosen the two traps nuts with the help of pliers and pull the trap out, after which the rain pours down.
  • Eventually, we look down the trap and clean it out or possibly replace it with a new one if it seems plausible. We also inspect the trap arm and clean it where possible.
  • Afterward, we reinstall traps as well as tighten the nuts.
  • Then we power on your disposal unit and perform a test run
  • If the machine performs smoothly, then this ensures that the job of repair and cleaning has been successfully completed.
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Why Should You Hire San Diego Garbage Repair Disposal

  • San Diego Disposal Repair Services workforce consists of expert professional technicians.
  • Our company takes full responsibility for the work performed by its expert technicians.
  • Our charge is based on the job performed and not by the hours worked on the job.
  • The staff of San Diego Disposal Repair Services is trustworthy and courteous. Additionally, we also undertake full responsibility for their actions.
  • Our staff ensures both professionalism and punctuality.

Please, call us whenever you need professional assistance, and we will be happy to serve you to the best of our abilities.

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Services that we provide

We are here when you need us to service both your residential and comercial properties


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