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How To Repaint The Inside Of A Microwave

How To Repaint The Inside Of A Microwave

Repainting a microwave that has peeling Paint or is in a state of decay is an alternative to buying a new appliance. There are some preparations to make this project a success. Not all paints work for this, however. Follow these steps for a polished and functional result.


Before doing anything else, the microwave must be unplugged. The interior surfaces should be prepared for repainting. Use a wet sponge to remove debris like flaked Paint and grime. Squeeze out any excess water and wipe the interior surfaces. You can also clean the exterior surfaces to sanitize your microwave. To speed up drying, finish with a paper towel or a rag. Remove as much Paint as you can by sanding it with medium-grit paper.

Then, use a finer grit paper to smooth out the Paint. This procedure is also sufficient if there are rusty areas, although you can also use steel wool. To prevent rust, wipe the sanded areas clean.

Choose the Best Paint

Spray-on Paint and brush-on Paint are both options for coating the interior surface of the oven. Spray is the most efficient because it takes less time. However, brush-on may be helpful for small-area repairs. Microwave-safe Paint is available in many appliance stores. However, you must make sure that it’s the right type. Be sure to request appliance Paint for microwaves.

Spray the Oven

Never spray Paint inside an oven while wet or still covered in grease. Wearing rubber gloves, safety lenses, and masks will help avoid health hazards when spraying aerosol. First, test the Paint in a small section of your oven. Once the painted area has dried out, you should run the high setting for a full minute while a small cup of water is inside. Feel the inner walls of your oven after you remove the cup of liquid to ensure the painted area does not feel warmer than any other surface. After you have finished all the prep work, spray Paint on the microwave. Do not spray too much Paint on one part; keep your paint layer as even as possible. Paint can be applied in several coats. To prevent Paint from running, ensure you have cleaned and sanded the surface between each application. When using the brush type of Paint, you should apply it consistently across all surfaces. Wait until the Paint dries entirely before using the stove. It is advised to let the Paint dry overnight with the microwave door open. Close the doors because this will prevent airflow from getting into the microwave, slowing down the time it takes to dry. The following day, test the Paint by touching it.

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How To Repaint The Inside Of A Microwave
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