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Fixing Microwave Doors that Won’t Close

Fixing Microwave Doors that Won't Close

The high heat wave used to heat your food in a microwave requires the protective cover to be closed on all models before the microwave can operate. Your microwave will be rendered ineffective if its door does not shut. Sometimes, your microwave’s door will shut, but it won’t start if the latch isn’t working. What do you do if a door won’t close or lock on your appliance?

Check For Debris

Make sure you need the repair. Overuse and over-cleaning your microwave can cause food particles to accumulate. Make sure the door is closing correctly. Check the hinges on the door and the area where the door meets an appliance. It’s worth checking the door latch and the entire assembly.


Check the hinges. Other causes may be more likely. Hinges that are loose, damaged, rusty, or have been damaged may make it impossible for the microwave door to close precisely in the position required. You may see the damage preventing it from closing or notice a wobble. Fortunately, the hinges of microwave doors are easily replaceable.

Door Latch Assembly

The door latch assembly is likely the problem if you can’t close your microwave or if it won’t latch. In most microwaves, a latch on the door will engage with a cabinet nook. This activates a button. Power will be sent to the microwave once the switch and the door hook are in contact. Unfortunately, a variety of problems can arise. First, there is a problem with the tension in the springs attached to the door hooks. The door hooks may be unable to meet and activate the switch. The switch may be defective. Your door may latch, but the switch will prevent anything from happening. Multiple parts may fail, so there will be many possible different repairs. To begin with, you should test the switches to see whether they are faulty. To do this, unplug the microwave. Remove the outer cabinet panel or the back panel, depending on the model. The switch is mounted on the cabinet edge. Test the appliance without discharging the capacitors, but be careful around it if the appliance is still full of stored electricity. The latch will be the next step if the multimeter test passes. To remove the inner door panel, you must remove a plastic tang that holds the door latch. The latch will need to be replaced if the switch functions. You cannot test the latch to see if it has a fault, but replacing it is cheap and easy. Replace the part, regardless of whether it’s broken or not.

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Fixing Microwave Doors that Won’t Close
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