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Samsung microwave is not heating

Samsung microwave is not heating

Demo mode can be the main reason a micro isn’t heating up or starting. It is used in showrooms to demonstrate microwaves—a microwave will also only heat if the clearance is too small or if ventilation is adequate. Checking a few settings or installing may help resolve the issue if you turn on the microwave, but it does not heat. This applies to both regular microwave heating and convection.

Verify whether the microwave does not operate in Demo mode

If you are using a microwave in Demo Mode, it will not heat anything. This happens because the magnetron was not turned on. You can test Demo mode by setting a cooking time and starting the microwave.

In Demo Mode, the countdown is much faster. Demonstration mode can be turned off. Demo mode, option 6, is available on models with a My Settings or Options button. By setting this to 2, it will be turned off. You can exit any model by consulting your user guide. If your microwave does not heat up, and the countdown is faster than usual, you can visit our Support Center if your manual doesn’t mention Demo.

Check out our Kitchen Timer

Ensure you did not use the Kitchen Timer instead of a normal cook cycle.

Inspecting your door

Make sure that the door is completely closed. If the microwave door is not fully sealed, it may still operate but will not heat. Use a moistened cloth to wipe down your microwave’s door frame and door. It could have debris blocking the closure.

Verify that you have enough space on all sides

Check for clearance to the left, right, and above the microwave. The space requirements differ from model to model. They are detailed in the owner’s manual. The microwave won’t vent appropriately without enough clearance. It will either be unable to heat or produce a weak heat.

Request a service

Contact a professional to repair your appliance if you still can’t get the microwave to heat.

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Samsung microwave is not heating
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