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How Do I Repair The Door Lock On My Self-Cleaning Oven

How Do I Repair The Door Lock On My Self-Cleaning Oven

To ensure safety, almost all self-cleaning ovens are equipped with a door lock that locks the door automatically whenever the cleaning feature is activated. Occasionally, the door can become stuck from dust or food particles. Your oven will clean once the lock is restored.

Step 1 – Unplug your appliance. If this is not possible, you can throw the breaker for the oven.

Step 2 – Lift the oven lid (which is hinged). This will expose the burners. You will find a bracing pole underneath, which you can use to raise the top of the oven and keep it open.

Step 3 – Expose the locking mechanism. A panel will be located at the front, near the locking mechanism. This panel must be removed.

Choose the right screwdriver tip and remove the screws using a counterclockwise movement. Remove the panel and the screws. The automatic latching system is located directly below.

Step 4 – Wipe the entire mechanism down with a damp cloth. Clean the whole mechanism with a wet rag.

Step 5 – Check the wiring in the locking mechanisms. The locking mechanism will have two wire leads. Make sure the wires are well attached.

Step 6 – Lubricate your entire unit. Spray your lubricant liberally all over the mechanism. Use your fingers to wiggle back and forward to ensure the lubricant enters the unit.

Step 7 – Test your work. Replace the top and lower the top into position. Turn the dial to “self-clean” and plug in your oven. The latch on the door should lock it shut. Also read our Thermador oven manual.