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Blockage of the dishwasher pump

Blockage of the dishwasher pump

Unblocking a dishwasher pump or impeller

The wastewater in your dishwasher cannot be pumped from the appliance if the pump is blocked. Follow the steps below to resolve this problem. Remove the bottom basket. To access the pump, remove the filter unit carefully by twisting and lifting the cylindrical top. When removing residual water from the area of the pump, we recommend wearing protective gloves. Using a sponge to absorb the water, slowly spoon the liquid out. Use protective gloves to protect your fingertips when you place them in the pump area after removing water. Here, broken glass can accumulate.

Remove the cover of the pump using a teaspoon. Grab the cover by its lug, then pull it up until it resists. Pull forward. For more information, you can consult your manual. Remove any deposits and foreign objects from the pump. Make sure that the impeller of the pump can move freely. Replace the cover of the pump and ensure that it is firmly seated in its position. On some models, the pump covers can be removed with a manual screwdriver. Never use an electric screwdriver. Then, remove any obstructions in the same manner. Reposition the filter, making sure the arrows are aligned. Your dishwasher is now ready to use. If your dishwasher impeller is damaged, you should book an engineer to replace the part.

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Blockage of the dishwasher pump
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