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What should you do if your oven thermostat is faulty?

What should you do if your oven thermostat is faulty?

The oven thermostat is a part of your cooker that regulates temperature. You’ll know if you have a defective oven thermostat. The heat may need to be appropriately regulated. This could lead to undercooked or burnt food.

How Do You Know If Your Oven Thermostat Has Faults

If you notice that your oven isn’t cooking your food correctly, then the problem is with either the oven’s heating element or the oven thermostat. Only by testing your oven’s thermostat can you determine whether it’s the culprit. Test your oven thermostat by following these simple steps. Unplug the stove from the wall.

Depending upon the oven type, you may find the thermostat behind the back panel, beneath the backsplashes, under the exhaust canopy, or below the control panels. The thermostat looks like a thin strip of metal attached to the wire. When you remove the thermostat, you can test it with a digital multimeter. Check the multimeter’s calibration and turn the dial down. Place the Multimeter on the Thermostat. The thermostat works appropriately if it reads zero or close to zero. It is not working if the oven thermostat has no reading.

Replacing your Oven Thermostat

You’ll need the correct spare to replace the faulty thermostat in your oven. Cooker Spare Parts carries replacement ovens and thermostats for different cooker models. Replacement spare parts are available for Indesit as well as Zanussi. take a look at our Thermador oven manual for an easy fix.