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Refrigerator No water coming from the dispenser

Refrigerator No water coming from the dispenser

You can check several things to see if the water isn’t coming out of your refrigerator dispenser or is dispensing slowly. You can troubleshoot your refrigerator’s problem by checking the following.

New Installation

Verify the water supply line is on. A saddle valve is expected to connect the water line from the house plumbing to the refrigerator. The valve must be completely open for the fridge to receive water. The water reservoir will fill if the dispenser cradle is held down for two to three minutes. After the water has been dispensed for 5 minutes, or the equivalent of 2 gallons, you can use the water to purge the air out of the water lines. Top Freezer refrigerators with water dispensers do not have a storage reservoir. Be sure to plug in the door wiring harness if you removed the doors during installation.

Filter Issues

A partially or entirely clogged water filter on models with a dispenser will cause the water to run slowly or not at all. Please replace the filter. Replace the filter at least every six months. Remove the filter and replace it with the bypass filter plug provided to confirm that the filter is blocked. If the water flow from the dispenser improves, then the filter needs to be changed. After replacing the filter, air may have been trapped in the system. Press the dispenser for at least five minutes to remove any air.

Frozen Water Tank

Check whether the water reservoir behind the vegetable bins is frozen or cracked. This does not pertain to Top Freezer Refrigerators as they don’t have a reservoir tank. A frozen tank can be cracked or split, and water will leak onto the fresh food floor. The water reservoir must be replaced if this occurs. A low food load in fresh food can cause the refrigerator tank to freeze. The controls may be set too low. Set the thermostat to a higher temperature and wait for 24 hours. On models with this option, you can turn the meat/deli-pan lever to its coldest position. The water tank can freeze in refrigerators where water is not used much. If you want to use less water, switch the meat/deli tray lever to colder instead of coldest.

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Refrigerator No water coming from the dispenser
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