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How To Replace A Fridge Door Seal

How To Replace A Fridge Door Seal

Gaskets are used to seal the refrigerator door when it is closed. A suitable refrigerator gasket keeps your unit running smoothly by preventing cool air from escaping. A leaky fridge gasket can cause your refrigerator to overwork and lead to expensive repairs. A leaky refrigerator door seal can also lead to increased energy bills. You should replace the refrigerator door seal if you suspect that you have a leaky gasket.

How do you know when to replace a fridge door seal?

Your faulty gasket could be the cause of the condensation that you see on the walls and ceilings. The refrigerator gasket can also be responsible for a constantly running refrigerator that has trouble keeping ice.

If your fridge displays any of these signs, inspect your refrigerator’s door seal. Start by looking at the seal for any cracks or splits. Also, look for areas where it’s not sticking to the door and slipping off. Dirt, crumbs, or other food debris may prevent your gaskets from sealing correctly. If this could be the issue with your fridge’s gasket, wipe it down with warm, soapy water and check if that helps.

Replace a Fridge Door Seal: 5 Simple Steps

You’ll need to ensure you buy the right gasket if you decide your fridge seal needs replacement. The owner’s guide will tell you which gasket to purchase. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you can find the right gasket online by searching for the model and making a number for your device. If all else fails, you can always visit your local hardware shop. You should be able to find the correct-sized gasket at your local hardware store. The average cost of a new refrigerator door seal is less than $100. Follow this guide to ensure your fridge retains all the cold air.

Step 1. Soak the new gasket in water

While you remove the old gasket from the refrigerator, place the new one in warm water. The water will make it easier to move the new gasket.

Step 2. Remove the old gasket

Remove the old gasket while the new one soaks. Hex-head screws are used to secure gaskets into metal retainers. Remove the old gasket and reveal the screws. Then, utilizing the appropriate hex-head screwscrewdriver, loosen all the retainer screws on the door. You don’t need to remove the screws, reduce them. This will let you pull off the old gasket. Be gentle as you can with the gasket. You could damage the plastic on the fridge door if you use too much force.

Step 3. Position the New Gasket

Position the seal corner on the fridge door’s top edge after removing the old gasket. Push the gasket back behind the metal retainer. Continue to push the seal lip behind the retainer all around the door. To tighten these screws, use a hex screwdriver.

Remove the old gasket

Step 4. Check the Fit

Check to see if there was any warping during installation. To straighten, pull the top of the seal and the bottom of it at the same time. You’ll require an extra pair to assist you. Repeat this until the gasket aligns correctly. The retaining screws should be tightened after the gasket aligns correctly.

Step 5. Help the gasket form to your fridge

This can take time for your gaskets to form and eliminate gaps. If your gasket replacement still appears warped or wavy, you can blow hot steam over it with a dryer. Also, try applying a thin film of petroleum jelly to the hinge end of the gasket. This will prevent gaskets from folding into the door when it closes. Occasionally, a newly installed gasket can stick inside the door. Add a few drops of baby powder to the gasket in this situation.

Seal the Deal

The fridge may not keep the contents as excellent, or there could be other signs of failing. In this case, you might need to replace the door gasket to keep everything running smoothly. This is a stress-free, simple task that usually takes under an hour. If you find any difficulties in the repair process of your refrigerator, read our manual.

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How To Replace A Fridge Door Seal
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