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How To Repair Microwave Oven Pain

How To Repair Microwave Oven Pain

Repairing flaking and peeling paint in your Microwave with good surface prep is possible. If you try to paint directly onto peeling paint, the new finish may come off. Get rid of flaking or peeling paint and smooth down the surface. This will promote a lasting, attractive finish. Use paint that’s durable and applied correctly. Otherwise, you can expect flaws to appear in the final coat.

Step 1: The Microwave can be cleaned with a liquid cleanser using a damp sponge. Wash the Microwave with a wet cloth and dry with towels.

Step 2: Use a putty knife made of plastic to scrape the flaking paint off your Microwave. Sandpaper can be used for smoothing rough sections of chipped paint.

Step 3: Use masking papers and painter’s tape to cover areas on the Microwave that you want to leave unpainted. Place the Microwave on a dropcloth and ventilated place.

Step 4: Spray the damaged surface with acrylic primer. On metallic microwaves, use a primer that contains galvanized metal etching. Keep an 8-inch space between the spray nozzle and Microwave as you apply. Wait 3 hours for the primer to dry.

Step 5: Apply acrylic or appliance epoxy paint spray to the primed surface of the Microwave. While spraying, keep an 8″ distance between the microwave nozzle and the Microwave. Wait 3 hours for your new finish to be dry.

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How To Repair Microwave Oven Pain
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