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Cost of Washing Machine Repair

Cost of Washing Machine Repair

The total cost of washing machine repair is divided into two main components: parts and materials and labor.

Materials and Parts

The cost of washing machine replacement parts depends on which part you need to replace. Comparing prices between retailers and online can help you save money on parts and materials.
Prices are also heavily influenced by the type of machine that you own. Parts for semi-automatic and portable models, on the other hand, are generally cheaper. They cost between $90 and $225 on average. Finding a professional with experience in these models may be difficult.

Remember that while parts might be similar, labor can dramatically increase costs. Both couplings (and washer pumps) cost between $10 and $15. However, the total cost of couplings, including labor, ranges from $90 to $150. The total cost of a pump may be up to $350.


You can expect to pay between $50-150 per hour for an appliance repair specialist. The pro may charge you an additional fee for his time and travel expenses. It can cost you an extra $50 to 100.

Repair cost by washer type

The cost of washing machine repairs can vary greatly depending on what type of washer you have. Here is a breakdown of the most common washer types and their repair costs: Repair costs for semi-automatic and portable washers are usually lower, between $50 and $200. Repairs for top-loading washers are generally between $50 and $300. Repairs for front-load and integrated washers, often regarded as more advanced, may cost between $100 and $400. The cost ranges are only a guideline. Actual repair costs can vary depending on the model, brand, and issues that must be addressed.

DIY Washer Repair and Hiring A Pro Hiring Pros

Even a skilled DIYer can handle many appliances. DIY repairs for washing machines can be expensive and not worth it. It is difficult for even handy homeowners to repair a washing machine due to its numerous moving parts. Water and electricity are dangerous, so it’s best to leave this work to a professional. A professional can do most repair visits for a relatively low cost.

A little troubleshooting is always a good idea. It is essential to perform simple checks, such as:

  • Plugging in the machine.
  • A voltage tester can be used to confirm enough power at the outlet.
  • Open the valves to ensure that water is flowing.
  • Tie-down connections to prevent leaks.
  • Recentering a load of laundry.
  • Drain the washer machine (if it has standing water).

You should call a professional for help if you need help fixing the problem using these simple troubleshooting methods. To repair your washing machine, hire a local company.

DIY Washer Repair and Hiring A Pro Hiring Pros

How to save money on washing Machine Repairs

You can save money by consistently following your washing machine’s general care instructions. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance so that you don’t accidentally void your machine’s warranty. The cost of voiding your warranty could exceed the savings you would have made by doing a simple DIY repair. Before you call a repair professional, run through the easy DIY troubleshooting above. Your troubleshooting will likely solve the issue and restore the washing machine to full functionality. This could save you a few hundreds of dollars. Otherwise, call a professional. You should also get quotes for your job from three different companies that offer repair services. This is usually the best way to guarantee a reasonable price and a professional provider.

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Cost of Washing Machine Repair
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