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Cost Estimates for Repairing Wine Fridges: Common Problems

Cost Estimates for Repairing Wine Fridges: Common Problems

Wine coolers can be an excellent invention for suburban wine collectors or restaurants who need access to an underground cellar. Not all wine coolers are of high quality, and they can break down at any time. Repairs may be required for some common issues. Costs to repair a fridge for wine can be between $50 and 500, not including shipping charges. Reproducing a refrigerator at home is cheaper than sending it to a service center. A technician is allowed to charge at least $100 an hour for labor. Labor costs can cause the value of a unit to increase. The cost of replacing spare parts such as compressors and condensers is high if you do not have a warranty. By taking good care of your cooler, you can prevent many common problems. Here are the estimated repair costs for a wine cooler.

Is it possible to repair wine coolers?

A wine cooler that is overheating or fails to maintain the desired temperature of the wine can be repaired after thorough troubleshooting. It depends on the type and size of the wine cooler. A technician’s help is usually optional to replace some components. If the fault in the wine fridge is complex or electrical, a technician may be required to inspect it. The most important thing is to ensure that the repair of the wine refrigerator is less expensive than replacing it with a brand-new unit. You should receive free repair or replacement if your wine cooler is still under warranty. These components can be easily replaced: the fan, compressor, and thermostat. The components can be purchased at many hardware stores in person and online.

Common Problems with Wine Coolers

The wine cooler has been designed to operate continuously for several years. In rare cases, a wine refrigerator can stop working. These issues are common to both types of units.

Problems Common to Thermodynamic Coolers

Thermodynamic coolers are sensitive and must be kept away from walls and confined spaces. Some common problems are:

  • Room temperature fluctuations
  • A defective fan

Common Issues With Compressor Wine Coolers

Compressor wine coolers have more components that can cause faults. Common problems with compressor coolers are:

  • A defective internal or external fan
  • A faulty thermostat
  • A malfunctioning evaporator
  • A malfunctioning compressor
  • The capacitor fails to start the compressor
Common Issues With Compressor Wine Coolers

Should You Repair Your Wine Fridge

If your unit suddenly stops functioning, consider whether it is worth repairing. Assess the damage to see if you can fix it and if this will be expensive.
A wine cooling unit lasts 5-10 years, depending on its brand, location, and care. The price of a new wine cooler ranges from $188 to $2300, depending on the capacity.
Repairing a wine cooler that costs under $300 may not be worthwhile if parts are expensive or older than two years. Sometimes, the parts may be cheap, but the shipping costs are the exact cost of the parts. Generally, wine coolers in the middle to upper price ranges should last ten years or more. The first 2-5 years should include a limited warranty. The warranty protects you in case the wine cooler fails. Technicians often agree that repairing expensive wine coolers is cheaper than replacing them. Every time a replacement part is needed, there’s a greater chance that it will break again or cause another component to fail.

Costs To Repair Wine Fridge

The cost to fix a fridge or wine cellar will vary greatly depending on its brand, the type of fridge, and which component needs replacing. Some components are inexpensive to replace, like a fuse, fan, or thermostat.

Wine Cooler Compressor Replacement Cost

It is possible to replace a wine-cooler compressor that has broken. Wine cooler compressors reconditioned and repaired can be purchased for as low a price as $29. A new wine cooler compressor can vary from $220 to as low as $29, excluding shipping. There are many brands to choose from. These include Frigidaire Kalamera NutriChef Vinotheque EdgeStar Eurocave. Most likely, after two or five years, a non-named wine cooler will require repair or replacement. Compressors are usually the first to go. Having a professional replace the more excellent compressor will cost at least $100 an hour.


Repairing wine coolers under $500 can be more expensive than replacing them. A wine cooler with a 7-year warranty or longer is worth the investment. You are then guaranteed a part replacement under warranty. If you have to pay a replacement because of negligence, your repair price will be validated.

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Cost Estimates for Repairing Wine Fridges: Common Problems
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