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Common Washing Machine Breakdowns​

Can you do home repairs of washing machines? Actually, it is possible because, as we will see later, not all breakdowns are serious, some can be detected and solved with some ease. This time we review what the most common washing machine repairs are and how we can get a repair to provide extended use of our washing machine. Below we are going to analyze the most common breakdowns in washing machines. Depending on the type of fault, detecting it can be very easy. Sometimes the water stagnates in the drum, other times an excessively loud noise is generated during the spin cycle, a motor problem can lead to the sudden stop of the washing machine. All these signs are very evident and indicate that the correct operation of the washing machine has been altered.

Common washing machine breakdowns: the washing machine doesn’t start ; the washing machine stops; problems with the water load; problems with centrifugation; the washing machine makes too much noise; the washing machine retains water when it is turned off; the washing machine loses water. The repairs on the washing machine are usually very reliable. These machines have a long period of use, in fact most washing machines work at full capacity for more than a decade, if we carry out repairs with quality parts we will be extending their life, thus avoiding investing in a new appliance.

How To Repair Common Washing Machine Breakdowns

The washing machine doesn’t start. This is one of the most common problems. Starting problems can result from a lack of voltage, saturation in the filter, problems with the door closing or lack of water from the pipe. If the washing machine does not start and we are not able to perceive the problem, it is best to call a specialized company immediately.

How to repair it? To repair this breakdown, it is essential to analyze the general condition of the washing machine and carry out the necessary repairs so that it can start working again without problems.

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The washing machine stops. It is less common than the previous case, but it can also happen that the washing machine starts and, after a short time, stops. This is usually a symptom of some of the washing processes not working properly, in most cases the problem is the water.

How to repair it? Check the water supply, piping and water injection systems of the washing machine. Another check you should make is the filters, if they have been saturated during washing it is possible that the washing cycle has stopped. If you do not find the reason for the problem, contact a technician or specialist company.

Problems with the water load. The water load is another classic problem that requires a professional arrangement. As we saw in the previous point, sometimes a blockage in the pipe or in the rubber union causes a problem with the water load. Other times it is the washing machines own devices that cause the lack or excess of water. If you notice problems with the water load, contact a repair company immediately.

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How to repair it? The repair depends on each case. If it is a simple obstruction, it will be enough to remove the elements that make the load difficult. If the problem is in the washing machine itself, it will probably be necessary to renew some of the parts that dose the water for washing. The renovation will have to be carried out by a repair technician. Tip: when you replace any of the parts in your washing machine, do so with quality parts (if possible original ones) as this will prolong the life of your washing machine.

Problems with centrifugation. If there is a problem in the drum, we usually notice it during the centrifugation. During this time the drum rotates at high speed and therefore the washing machine works at full power. If there is a fault in the area of the drum, the spin will be defective and is usually perceived by the naked eye, as its power and result vary (the clothes come out soaked).

How to repair it?. The most common way is to dismantle the drum and analyze both this part and the joints. Sometimes the problem can come from the engine and affect the drum. As you may have deduced, this repair and check must be done by a specialized technician, to avoid more serious damage both to the washing machine and to your home.

The washing machine makes too much noise. This is another very common problem, the washing machine starts making noises that we didn’t notice before. This is usually a sign of an internal system failure. For example, the filter, the drain, the rubbing of the drum or one of the bearings are usually the causes that cause a washing machine to generate excessive noise during operation.

How to repair it? In order to proceed with the repair we have to identify the source of the noise, for which we must dismantle the washing machine and check the drain. Again, this check and subsequent repair should be carried out by a company specializing in repairs.

The washing machine retains water when it is turned off. In the cold months the pipes can suffer freezing breaks, which causes the washing machine to retain water when it is turned off. This type of breakdown can also be caused by excessive water pressure.

How to repair it? In order to repair it you will have to evaluate the state of the pipe and check the pressure. The state of the pipe can be seen with the naked eye (if the break is large). For this type of check, you should contact a company or specialized technician.

The washing machine loses water. Sometimes we notice that water accumulates at the base of the washing machine, this problem is caused by a loss of water in some of its components. There may be a crack in the rubber or plastic tub, the filter may have been displaced or it may be that some rubber in the dispenser is in bad condition. In any case, it is advisable to carry out a thorough check to ensure the general condition of the washing machine.

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How to repair it? If it is one of the parts that causes the breakdown, which is the case in most cases, the only possible repair is to replace that part with a new one. Remember that investing in a more expensive but higher quality part will extend the life of your washing machine San Diego. Whenever the washing machine shows signs of damage, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s technical service or a reliable repair company. Whenever you detect a fault, check the guarantee of the appliance. If the guarantee is still valid, do not manipulate any of its parts and contact the manufacturer directly.

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Washing Machine Repair: Common Washing Machine Breakdowns
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