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The Best Type Of Dryer

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How The Dryer Works: Principle And Tips​​

Tired of drying laundry on balconies, floor or overhead dryers? There are modern solutions: dryers. They are available in two forms: drum dryers and cabinets. Users are sure that both types cope with their functions. It remains to be seen whether a tumble dryer or laundry dryer is the right solution for you.

The features of cabinets
In them dry almost any things from the wardrobe of an adult and a child, sports and business man. Suitable for drying laundry and textiles. In them you can put clothes from any fabric: both rough and requiring delicate care; even handkerchiefs, scarves, gloves or boots.

All you have to do is to hang things on your shoulders, arrange them into shelves and sections. Afterwards, the user sets the appropriate drying program, choosing it according to the type of fabric and degree of humidity, and starts the cycle.

How the cabinet works: principle and device
The air flows are heated by means of a TAN built into a double bottom or in the upper part (ceiling) of the structure. Drying can take place either with natural convection or with forced convection. For forced air circulation, a fan is installed inside the unit. The drying temperature can reach 80 degrees. Moisture evaporated from the things is discharged through a specially designed hose into a ventilation box. There are variants when moisture enters the environment, but it is not very convenient – the room increases humidity, dampens furniture, spoilage of interior items, there is a risk of mold. But if there is no other way out, you should provide good ventilation in such a room, air it more often.

If you compare a cabinet with a drum-type dryer, the processes in it are less intense because there is no rotation. It takes more time for one working cycle (1-6 hours) – for the same drying drum type unit spends less time, there are even express cycles for 20-30 minutes. The main advantage: things hang motionlessly, when drying them do not touch the machine part. This ensures that the fabric remains intact. The treatment is gentle – with high energy efficiency and low-noise operation. One disadvantage, according to some users, is the impressive size of the machine. A mid-size cabinet is similar to an ordinary wardrobe, so for a small apartment is not the best solution. But for those who live in a country house, this small nuance is not a hindrance to buying.

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Cabinet vs Machine: What’s Better
 Drum dryers. If massive is not for you, pay attention to a drum-type machine. It’s similar to a washing machine, sometimes it looks like you can’t even tell the difference. It’s suitable for almost any apartment. There are models that can hold up to 3 kg of laundry. Saving useful space, you can install the device under or on the tabletop, in a niche or hang on the wall, using brackets. Often, drum units are installed on top of washing machines, but then their dimensions must match. Having planned such installation, choose an electric device of the same brand as the CMA, preferably from one series. In the latest models of users there are a lot of programs and additional functionality, not to mention a stylish ultramodern design. Thanks to all these parameters and features, drum models of dryers have earned the recognition of users from CIS countries stronger than cabinets.

The Best Type Of Dryer

The essence of drum technology

The drum method of drying takes less time than the alternative. But be aware that mechanical action can impair the density and properties of fabrics, so not everything can be loaded into the drum. More possibilities are available for those models which are additionally equipped with accessories: woollen baskets, shoe racks, etc. The drum dryers San Diego are available in two versions – exhaust and condensation type, the moisture is discharged in different ways. The drum dryers are free of evaporations from things through a hose connected to the ventilation. The condensation technology involves the conversion of moisture into condensate (water) and its discharge into a tank or directly into a sewer system.

If you choose a model with manual condensate removal, you will have to release the container from the liquid after each cycle, but believe me, it will not take much time or effort. Owners of units that drain directly into the sewer system only need to clean the pile filter, which is also quite easy. Condensing machines are more expensive than analogues, but they have become favorites among Russian consumers. Exhaust type machines are already outdated. When choosing home appliances, focus on the fact that the drum options work faster, save space, have a pleasant design, equipped with a mass of options and modes for drying various things. Drum dryers are suitable for those users whose priority is to dry textiles and everyday linen: robes, towels, bed sets. Suits, coats, large plaids, shoes would be more comfortable to dry in the closet. But there’s a loophole – cars with big drums and…

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The Best Type Of Dryer: How The Dryer Works
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