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Operation Principle Of Dryers

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Destination of the electric dryer​

The device of the drying cabinet may vary radically depending on the specific application. From the drying of ski suits to the heat treatment of flammable solvents, the average person may not know the extent of use. In hotel, tourist business, schools, kindergartens and hospitals such devices are used for quick drying of large amounts of clothes, bed linen, tablecloths. This saves space when hanging, reduces waiting time before ironing. Dryers of different sizes and capacities are also used in the production and construction of facilities. For example, the active parts of transformers are necessarily dried in vacuum cabinets.

To facilitate the transport of products that require drying, these cabinets are equipped in special pits. In a welded, well-insulated box, three groups of pumps reduce the internal pressure in stages, and the TANs heat the air to a given temperature. A special place is occupied by the electric drying cabinet in laboratories, research institutes and chemical industry. With its help it is possible to heat, sterilize tools, to carry out thermal treatment of any chemical compounds.

Types and device drying cabinets. The dryers are divided into drying units: vacuum; thermoconvection; infrared radiation.

How a drying cabinet for textiles and tools works. The principle of operation of the thermoconvection device consists in heating the air with the help of fuel elements and its ventilation. They are located either on the bottom or on the ceiling or the rear wall of the structure. On the control panel you can choose the drying time and air temperature. For delicate textiles it is enough to switch off the heating and dry it solely by means of ventilation.

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Such a unit is designed for clothes, shoes, tools, inventory, inside a metal box there are shelves and sections with hangers. The loading volume depends on the selected model, and can be vertical and horizontal. Metal cabinet boxes, shelves and sections with hangers are perforated. The device of laboratory equipment is more complicated than a cabinet for clothes: due to the presence of pressure indicators, silicone insulators, purging valves and other auxiliary devices. The choice of model depends on the industry and requires careful awareness before purchase. There are laboratory devices that are not vacuum-type. The principle of operation is the same as for textiles with heating temperatures up to 300-500 degrees Celsius. They can safely be called sterilizers.

Infrared dryer. Used for drying vegetables, fruits, confectionery products. Under each shelf there is an infrared radiation TAN and several fans for forced convection. Made of stainless steel, have several programs for different types of products, indispensable in production conditions. The drying speed is five times faster than in conventional units with convection, quite economical in terms of energy consumption.

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<h3″>Safety technology

  • The rated current consumption of the appliance must not exceed the capacity of the mains.
  • Be sure to ground it before use.
  • Do not cover the ventilation grilles.
  • Do not install directly near a socket.
  • Do not repair the unit yourself.
  • Do not switch on and use outdoors at temperatures below 5°C.
  • Do not place on a flat surface, do not use for clothes impregnated with fuels and lubricants.

Conclusion. Dryers have a lot of modifications and are used in many industries: from food and chemical industry to services. Dimensions, capacity, type of product are selected depending on the purpose, from these indicators will change the price. Domestic manufacturers are not inferior in product quality, but the price of the product is much lower than foreign models.

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Operation Principle Of Dryers: destination of the electric dryer
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