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My Washing Machine Makes A Lot Of Noise, Is That Normal?​

Washer Repair Service San Diego

Washing Machine Makes Noise: Common Causes​

Slight squeaks and slight vibrations are part of the normal operation of a washing machine San Diego. However, today’s technology has come a long way and washing machines are much quieter, so you need to pay attention to the noises they make because they may not be normal. If this appliance makes strange sounds or more noise than usual, you should check what is happening. Sometimes this is a signal that indicates one of the most common malfunctions of washing machines, and action must be taken to fix it. Other times, the cause of the noise is easy to solve, you just have to pay attention to small details.

There are times when the washing machine makes more noise than normal due to causes that are easy to detect and to solve. Sometimes we just have to change the way we put the washing machine in. Before you think that your washing machine has broken down, check that it is not for a simple reason that you can fix it yourself. If we haven’t checked the pockets, there may be some hard object bumping into the drum and making a noise. It is important to empty all the pockets before washing to prevent foreign elements such as coins or screws from damaging the drum or clogging the filter. Overloading can increase vibration and noise and cause major damage to the drum, axle or shock absorbers. Be sure not to overfill the washer, do two washes if necessary, and if you are short on laundry, choose a half load wash cycle.

Washing Machine Makes Noise: Simple And Complex Causes

When a washing machine is uneven, it may rub against the floor or wall during washing, causing strange noises. For a washing machine to be properly level, there should be no gaps between the legs and the floor. To level the washing machine, you can adjust the legs or use a wedge so that they do not limp. The inlet valve allows water to enter the appliance to carry out the washing. It is important to regulate the pressure with which it enters with the stopcock, to avoid excessive pressure that could damage the valve and cause strange noises. It is also advisable to check the water inlet pipe. If it is too close to the wall, is bent or twisted, the water will circulate unevenly, generating abnormal sounds.

Washer Repair Service San Diego

At other times, the causes of the noise may be more complex and may be more difficult to detect. Pay attention to your washing machine to avoid a bigger problem. Once you have checked that your washing machine is not making noise for a minor reason, you must detect what is producing it in order to fix it before the breakdown goes any further. To make sure you find the solution quickly, rely on professional experts, they will locate the fault and give you the best solution. When the bearings are worn, the basket rotates with greater clearance in the washings, triggering vibrations. This is often the main reason why washing machines make too much noise in the spin cycle. If a washing machine is overloaded on a regular basis, the axle can become twisted due to the excess weight it has to carry. When the axle is twisted, the shock absorbers have to work overtime, so they tend to break down prematurely.

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My Washing Machine Makes A Lot Of Noise, Is That Normal?
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