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Main Malfunctions That Can Destroy Your Induction Cooktop

Main Malfunctions That Can Destroy Your Induction Cooktop

Common Induction Cooktop Breakdowns​​

Today we are going to tell you what the main malfunctions of an induction hob are, which components they affect and what the solution is. Induction plates are fast, efficient and reliable, but sometimes they also break down. As they have a more complex mechanism than usual, it can be difficult to detect the fault, as sometimes the same indicator can be a symptom of two different issues.

Taking care of the plate and following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential to reduce, and greatly reduce, the number of breakdowns. Good care means a longer life for the induction cooker. Even so, manufacturing malfunctions, electrical problems, power surges or small mishaps when cooking can damage this appliance. Let’s discuss the main breakdowns of induction cooktops and the best way to fix them. The most common issues:

  • The induction hob has scratches;
  • The glass of the induction cooker plate has broken;
  • Induction plate does not turn on;
  • When the induction hob is switched on, the leads jump;
  • The induction hob does not heat up;
  • The temperature on the induction hob is dropping;
  • Induction plate makes noise;
  • The induction hob turns off.

It is possible that the induction cooker suffers other breakdowns, but in this post we have tried to talk about the most common ones, the ones we normally find when we go to our clients houses. We insist: the repair of an induction cooker can be very complicated, because its operation system is complex. So the best advice we can give you is to call a specialist in induction plates to diagnose and fix the fault quickly and safely.

How To Fix Induction Cooktop Breakdowns

  1. The induction hob has scratches

The plate glass can be scratched if it is cleaned improperly, if sharp utensils are used, or if it is not treated gently. Scratches are unsightly and can collect dirt, but do not affect the operation of the induction cooker. Despite being scratched, the plate will continue to function. To improve the appearance of the scratches, since they cannot be completely removed, it is essential to always keep the area well cleaned, using a damp cloth after each use and wiping gently with a cloth.

  1. The glass of the induction cooker plate has broken

Glass-ceramic hobs normally continue to work with broken glass, but it is not advisable to use them, as the heating can be irregular and liquids or food remains can leak inside, which aggravates the damage.

Main Malfunctions That Can Destroy Your Induction Cooktop

The only possible repair for broken glass is to replace it completely. Bear in mind that glass is one of the most expensive parts of an induction hob, so unless you are an expert, it is best to call in an induction hob technician who will replace the glass with the necessary precision and care.

  1. Induction plate does not turn on

When the induction hob does not turn on, there may be several reasons for this, so the error will have to be observed more carefully to find the problem. Most commonly, if an induction cooker does not turn on, it is due to one of these two reasons:

  1. We’re using a container that’s not ferromagnetic and therefore the plate doesn’t sense its presence.
  2. One or several sensors are damaged and, even if we are placing a suitable container, it does not detect it. If the defective sensors are not replaced in time, the fault may affect the control module.

Main Malfunctions That Can Destroy Your Induction Cooktop
  1. When the induction hob is switched on, the leads jump

If when turning on the induction plate the leads jump, we may be facing several different problems of varying severity: The plug or the power cord is broken. In this case the repair is simple, since the failure does not directly affect the plate. We will simply have to change the damaged element as soon as possible. The power module or the control module is damaged. Each of these components has elements to which the breakdown can be attributed, so the repair must be carried out by a skilled technician.

  1. The induction hob does not heat up

At other times the plate will light up properly and detect the container you are cooking with, but when you adjust the temperature, it does not heat up. The origin of this fault can be diverse and, as we have mentioned before, difficult to determine if you are not an expert:

  1. Cooking areas, is out of order.
  2. The electronic board, that is, the control board, does not work.
  3. The switch is broken or has moved out of place.
  4. The electrical circuit is failing.

The temperature on the induction hob is dropping
It can happen that you are cooking and the temperature is gradually lowered without you changing the selection. Sometimes you don’t have to worry, because when you cook over a high heat for a long time, the plate will reduce the temperature if you notice that it reaches a certain limit. Other times, the fault may be in a lack of space for the front ventilation of the plate. If there is not enough room for the heat to disperse, the plate cools down as a safety measure.

  1. Induction plate makes noise

Unlike other appliances, when cooking with an induction cooker, it is normal for the cooker to make some noise. The electromagnetic effect, responsible for the operation of the appliance, generates a slight sound vibration in the coil. But don’t get too confident. It is normal to hear slight whistling, buzzing or clicking noises when you select a very high temperature. If you hear a louder noise, you should call a technician to see if it is due to a potentially serious fault.

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  1. The induction hob turns off

When an induction hob has been on for a while but does not detect any tools, it turns off after a while. This is usually the main reason why a plate turns off, which does not notice the presence of the container. Usually the fault is in the power module or in the control module. When one of these two components breaks down, the plate does not detect the pots and pans.

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Main Malfunctions That Can Destroy Your Induction Cooktop
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