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How to reset your Samsung dishwasher

How to reset your Samsung dishwasher

A good reset will fix any problems with your dishwasher. Often, odd electronic glitches can be corrected with a reset. You should wait to reset the dishwasher if you have an issue or error. Here’s how to reset. Also, find out when it’s a good idea and what you can do if your reset does not work.

Reset a dishwasher

Your dishwasher can be reset easily. Remove the plug (or shut down the power at the circuit breaker), wait a little while to let the electrical current leave the dishwasher (usually one to five minutes at most), and reconnect it. That’s it. You’re done.

Use troubleshooting to resolve your issue rather than just resetting

Your dishwasher’s error codes can be removed by resetting it. You may think your dishwasher will work adequately, but the truth is more complex. Most error codes mean that your dishwasher has a problem. A reset will only solve the issue if you troubleshoot it. This lists some of the most common dishwasher problems that a reset can’t solve. You’ll also find guides on how to troubleshoot these issues thoroughly. If your dishwasher won’t even turn on, this is usually due to an installation issue, especially when it was installed recently. In this case, you need to review the installation. Have you had it reviewed by a qualified installer? If you are experiencing drain issues, such as error codes of 5C,5E, OC, orOE, the issue is likely to be with the installation of your drain hose. Again, a reset will only solve the problem if you take care of it first. The error code list will tell you how to troubleshoot each code. Our blinking light article is for models with no digital display. Please search for your specific problem on our Support page. When is the best time to reset? After you’ve done all the troubleshooting. You may find that some error codes remain even after fixing them. Resetting your dishwasher is a logical solution. If the reset does not remove the error code after following all the troubleshooting procedures, you will have to request service. After our troubleshooting manuals, you can find the link to request service.

Network reset

Resets can be of different types. Follow these instructions to clear all WiFi and network info from the dishwasher. This will only work on dishwashers with WiFi capabilities. Hold SmartControl until the AP displays (about three seconds). Hold HiTemp Wash for approximately 7 seconds. Turn off the dishwasher.

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How to reset your Samsung dishwasher
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