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How To Keep The Refrigerator Useful For More Years

How To Keep The Refrigerator Useful For More Years

How to Organize Your Food In The Fridge​​

Making good use of the appliance is about having the food in the refrigerator well organized. It will help to maintain freshness, good condition and prevent the transmission of flavors and odors. Let’s talk about how to organize food in your fridge. Let’s start from the top: Food that has already been cooked should be placed on the top shelves and properly packed with a lid or similar to avoid spills. In the middle are the dairy products, sausages and so on.

Next, meat and fish just above the fruit and vegetable drawer. This is the coldest part of the fridge. In addition, it is recommended to use containers on which to leave such products to prevent dripping. Finally, on this side of the appliance would be the fruit and vegetable drawer, which should be used for this purpose. As for the refrigerator door, it is advisable to put the eggs as high as possible. In the middle, jam and butter. Underneath, water, soft drinks, milk, etc. On what we leave in the freezer label with the date of purchase of the product that you buy and avoid accumulating large amounts of food if it is not necessary. To keep the refrigerator  clean and in good condition during the holidays, these five issues must be taken into account. Dispose of food that is about to expire to avoid surprises and bad smells. If you are going to be away for a long time it is better to empty the fridge, unplug it and leave the door open. Leave it spotless so you don’t have to work when you return after a long absence.

Care And Maintenance Of The Fridge

The correct use of the appliances will allow your food to last longer or shorter. There are certain appliances that we use in the kitchen that are fundamental in the daily life of a house such as the refrigerator San Diego, washing machine and glass-ceramic hob or similar. That is why we are going to stop and explain how to maintain the fridge so that it lasts longer. The ideal temperature recommended by the manufacturers is 4ºC – 5ºC and that of the freezer is -18ºC. Making good use of the appliance helps to maintain a stable temperature. However, the refrigerator can lose cold for various reasons and we should bear in mind the following:

How To Keep The Refrigerator Useful For More Years

  • Avoid putting hot food in the fridge. Wait for it to cool down before doing so. In addition to heating the room, the appliance will have to work twice as hard to cool the dish and therefore consumes more energy.
  • The cold must circulate freely so it is advisable not to fill the fridge too much.
  • Opening the door and thinking about what you want to eat is a mistake. The less we open the door the better the cold is maintained.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator is another important issue to keep the fridge useful for longer. Let’s take a closer look at how to clean the fridge inside and out with a series of practical tips.
  • Every two or three months it would be advisable to empty the device and clean the rooms in which we leave the food. With a bucket full of hot water with soap and ammonia we will leave it shining. If the appliance has bad smells, then use a liter of hot water with two spoons of baking soda and a rag and this mixture will be impeccable.
  • The front of the device. To clean it, whether your fridge is made of stainless steel or not, use a microfiber cloth and/or an ecological cloth. With water and neutral soap, it will look great.
  • Maintenance of the back is also very important. Clean the coil (that kind of tube that twists), the grill that holds it and the engine compartment every 6 months with the duster or the vacuum cleaner.

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How To Keep The Refrigerator Useful For More Years
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