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How To Instal Any Dryer Properly

How To Instal Any Dryer Properly

Tips And Tricks For Any Situations​

Did you recently buy a lingerie drying machine? So connecting a dryer is a hot topic for you. Here you should pay attention to 4 most important points: alignment, feeding, drainage and ventilation. Following the simple recommendations and instructions given in the article, you will have no problem connecting the device correctly, because the process itself is quite simple and understandable for an ordinary user.

Dryer options by method of installation
Today there are three main types of dryers on the domestic market:

Condensation dryers. They provide the passage of heated air through the chamber for laundry. Excess moisture from the drum through the heat exchanger enters a special assembly container, which is recommended to be cleaned after each application.

Extractor hoods. Provide drying of things by draining air into the ventilation duct.

With a heat pump. Have the same principle of operation as condensation dryers. The main difference is that condensate does not accumulate in the tray, but immediately goes into the sewer system. Important! The condensation models are suitable for rooms with no air outlet. In private homes and apartments with normal ventilation systems, it is preferable to install exhaust units or models with a heat pump.

The best solution for a small apartment will be a unit that simultaneously acts as a washing and drying machine. The most popular manufacturers of dryers Alpine with proven reputation are Miele, Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung. They are distinguished by good power, long service life and reliability. On dryers of these very companies specialists recommend to choose. Dryer placement options. There are various ways to install the drying machine. The most popular ones:

  • built-in under the kitchen countertop;
  • vertically above the washing machine already installed;
  • in a special drywall niche;
  • near the washer (but already in the horizontal plane).
How To Instal Any Dryer Properly

Important! In small apartments it is preferable to put the dryer on top of the washing machine to save space. Necessary tools. When you start the installation, stock up: with a straight or Phillips screwdriver; construction level; pliers; drying hose; clamp. How to connect the machine. The sequence of actions will be determined by the installation method. In case of vertical placement. In most cases, the dryer is mounted in a vertical column with a washing machine. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose models with the same width. In this case, the entire construction of the machine will be more stable. Before starting the installation, it is necessary to buy fixing elements with special caps (transition frames).
Scheme of actions:  Install the fixing elements on the lower unit (washing machine).  Unscrew the feet on the dryer and put them into the caps. Perform alignment of the machinery using the construction level. To do this, place it first on the front of the machine (the edges should point to the left and right respectively), then – on the back, then – on the sides, adjust the height and tilt level.

How To Instal Any Dryer Properly

When placing it horizontally. This method of installation will ensure maximum stability of the machine. To install the machine in the right place, simply unscrew the legs to the desired length and align them to the desired level. Connecting to communications. Once the installation is complete, you can proceed to the power supply connection. Then, depending on the device type, you can switch to the sewerage or ventilation connection. Connect to the mains supply.

A guide to action

  • Get a special line for household appliances out of the junction box.
  • Use only a grounded socket to switch on to avoid electric shock.
  • Provide a circuit breaker for the appliance. In the event of a power surge, it will prevent the dryer from breaking down.
  • Plug the dryer into the mains socket.

Important! Before starting the first connection of the machine to the mains, disconnect the electricity in the home to ensure safe electrical installation.

Instructions for connecting the ventilation. Bring the flexible air outlet hose (supplied with all types of dryers) to the machine’s vent hole and fix it with a clamp prepared earlier. Do this with a screwdriver and pliers, tightening the clamp tight enough so that it does not fall off when pulled on. Place the second end of the duct in the wall ventilation shaft. Pull it out so that there are no kinks on the corrugation or the number of kinks is minimal. Is the hose dangling too much? Also fasten it with a clamp.

Turn the dryer on and run a test run. Make sure the device works properly. The connection to the sewer system is even easier: The hose drain hole simply connects to the sewer system. Now you know how to connect the dryer without any help and save on having to call a master. The process itself is very similar to connecting a washing machine. Correct installation and connection is a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation.

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How To Instal Any Dryer Properly: Tips And Tricks
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