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How To Increase Your Appliance’s Lifespan

Tips On keeping Your microwave In A Good Condition

Tips On keeping Your microwave In A Good Condition​

Microwave is undoubtedly the most used appliance Imperial Beach in your home. It is the most convenient way of warming food which saves your precious time. It’s also the most neglected item in terms of care and maintenance which could result in its breakdown at any time. To avoid such a situation, you just have to take care of a few things in order to make it work longer and keep it in great shape.
We are happy to offer you a few tips advised by our appliance repair technicians. Such recommendations are helping us to add a few more years to your microwave’s lifespan.

Keep It Clean
This is the important and foremost method of increasing the longevity of your microwave. It’s not only important for food safety, but for your appliance as well. The burnt, splattered spots not only look disgusting and unhygienic but also cause damage to the components of your device.

If you are interested in cleaning such stubborn spots get some special microwave cleaning products, or simply mix the soap with warm water and rub it against the splattered spots. For those spots that can’t be cleaned, heat up a cup of water in the microwave which will create moisture inside of the microwave hence helping in the loosening of the grime spots easily.
For more convenience use microwave cover plates or paper towels to cover up the dishes, so that the spots do not spread all across the oven. This will save you a lot of trouble with the cleaning process.

Never Switch On An Empty Microwave
Never use the microwave when it’s empty. Why? Because it can damage the appliance if there’s no food item to absorb the waves. Therefore, follow instructions given alongside your device and it won’t break anytime soon.

Use Microwave-safe Dishes
Always use microwave-safe dishes for heating the food. Materials that are not microwave-safe can cause huge damage to the appliance and even cause explosions in the worst-case scenario. Also, avoid metal dishes, aluminum foil, and silver or gold containing dishes. Whereas plastic, glass and ceramic dishes are always a safe option. To be on a safer side always opt for dishes that have an indication of a “microwave-safe” label on them.

Tips On keeping Your microwave In A Good Condition

Handle Your Microwave’s Door With Care
Most people recklessly use the door of a microwave by slamming it carelessly or by opening the door while the timer is still on, this can badly affect the appliance and result in shortening its life shelf.

Do Not Overload Your Microwave
Microwaves have weight capacity, but since most of the dishes fall well below this threshold, we tend not to pay attention to it. We usually forget that it’s important to be careful when microwaving heavier dishes. For large frozen items or heavy dishes, refer to the weight capacity mentioned on the door of the microwave or the user manual. In some cases, you can also search for it online.

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How To Increase Your Appliance’s Lifespan
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