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How A Dishwasher Works

How A Dishwasher Works

Dishwasher: Basic Operation​

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself more than once how your dishwasher works. At first glance, it may seem that there’s no mystery about it, since for many people it’s one of the most essential appliances in the home, so it’s used daily and constantly. However, there is more to it than just putting in the dirty dishes, adding the detergent, waiting and Voila! having all the dishes clean and ready to store. If you learn about the operation of this appliance, you will be able to select the one that best suits you and your family’s needs. Let’s review how the working process of these appliances works:

Filling the dishwasher: The first step in running a dishwasher occurs when the bottom cavity is filled with water to start the process. Heating the water: The water that entered the dishwasher before is heated by resistance, so the hot water will soften the dirt and grease. Detergent is added: This appliance efficiently manages the use of the chosen detergent. There are many brands and types of dishwasher detergent. You can choose from powder, gel or tablet form. Washing: All dishwashers have arms that rotate inside, in this part of the process, favoring the flow of hot water and detergent. Goodbye dirty water! It’s that easy to say goodbye to the water used in the washing process.

Rinse, rinse and more rinse: Our dishwasher will fill the water tank and add cold water to our dishes. Emptying: This is simple, the water used for rinsing is emptied and the dishes dry due to the heat generated inside. And some brands of dishwashers incorporate hot air to facilitate the drying of your dishes. Finally, to really know how a dishwasher works, you should bear in mind that although it is not mentioned in the process, water hardness influences the operation of these appliances. Therefore, to ensure that these 7 steps work correctly and that your dishes always shine. If the water in your area is very hard, be very careful when loading the salt and rinse aid into the dishwasher

Dishwasher: Basic Operation

How To Run Your Dishwasher

Arms: If you clean them frequently and make sure that they can always be moved without the crockery hindering their work, you will increase the pressure with which the water and your crockery will always be cleaned correctly.

How A Dishwasher Works

Dishwasher: Basic Operation​

Trays: This is where you place your dishes. If you take the time to do it in an orderly manner and take into account the size of the dishes (so that the work of the arms is not interrupted), you will help to ensure that absolutely everything comes out clean.

Filter: Hardly anyone remembers it. And its function is as important as the arms in the dishwasher. Any food left on your dishes accumulates here and it is therefore important to clean it regularly and thus not only avoid breakdowns but also maintain the efficiency of the operation of these appliances.

Motor pump: This is the element responsible for the water being able to fulfil its task during the entire washing process and in the evacuation process, when the dishwasher has finished its cleaning cycle.

7 tips for running your dishwasher:
Never use regular detergent: You can ruin your dishwasher!

Don’t overload your dishwasher: Sometimes “more” is not the best thing. Run it at night: Take advantage of high water pressure. Plastic on top: Place the plastic on the top rack and prevent it from melting. Organize: Separate by size bowls and plates, so the water can do its job well. Orientation: Take advantage of the central jets and place the dirty side of the plates towards the water jets. Read the labels: Avoid introducing porcelain, glass or painted pieces. It is better to wash these items by hand so that they do not get damaged.

How A Dishwasher Works

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How A Dishwasher Works
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