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Glass-Ceramic Repair

Glass-Ceramic Repair

Tools That You Need For Glass-Ceramic Repair​

Glass-ceramic repair San Diego are very common. Glass-ceramic is one of the most delicate appliances in the kitchen, not only because of the exposure to high temperatures, but also because of the knocks and scratches it usually suffers. Glass-ceramic repair are very complicated, so in the event of a fault in the electrical system you should contact a technician who specializes in this type of repair. To carry out repair to glass-ceramic plates, the general condition of the plate must be analyzed. Sometimes it may seem that the origin of the fault is in the electrical circuit, and yet the fault has been in the cooking surface.

Another reason why repair to glass-ceramic hobs should be carried out by an expert is because the hob is attached to the worktop with heat-resistant silicone. Removing the silicone can be complex, and once the repair has been completed it is essential to use high-temperature resistant silicone again. If you want to know how to carry out repair to cooktops, here we go over everything you need to know. The repair of kitchen plates are caused by a defect in its operation. The malfunction is easy to detect as there are several very specific signs. The more details and breakdowns you know, the more information you can give to the technician who will repair it.

Heat-resistant silicone
Heat-resistant silicone can withstand high temperatures without melting or losing its properties. It is essential that we use this type of silicone to prevent the glass joint from coming off while we are cooking.

In many glass-ceramic arrays it is necessary to change the wiring because it is defective or worn out by use. Installing new cables in an appliance is complicated, a technician can do this work and get the electrical system of our glass ceramic completely renewed.

Glass-Ceramic Repair

Most of the elements that make up the glass-ceramic are screwed on, so it will be very useful to have several screwdrivers to dismantle the plate and the internal elements. Or even to remove the glass frame it will be useful to have a flat screwdriver that exerts a lever pressure.

Glass-Ceramic Repair

Common Glass-Ceramic Breakdowns

These are the most common breakdowns that glass-ceramics usually present in private homes and what kind of repair should be carried out.

Broken glass
The glass that forms the surface of a glass-ceramic is not made to withstand shocks. A defect in the glass is probably the most common fault and is usually caused by shocks while cooking. If the glass is cracked, for safety reasons, we will not be able to continue cooking, as the liquids from the food we are cooking can enter through the crack and reach the electrical circuit, causing a short circuit.

How to repair it? There is no possible repair as the surface of the glass-ceramic can’t be completely repaired, there is no reliable way to fix the glass of the glass-ceramic. Currently, the only possible solution is to replace the glass with a new one, a complete change.

Doesn’t light or doesn’t heat. This is a very common problem. Over time we begin to notice that our glass-ceramic does not heat, and in cases where it does, it takes much longer than normal. This breakdown occurs when the plate stops working normally, and has two causes: a failure in the controls (we cannot exercise control in the glass-ceramic because the controls do not work) or an electrical failure caused by the plug or by a terminal in bad condition.

How to repair it? If the glass-ceramic does not turn on or has lost power, we must analyze the entire electrical circuit. As both causes are related to electricity, it is best to contact a specialized technician to evaluate the situation and then solve the fault. The most usual thing is to change parts for new ones. Always check that the new parts are of the same brand of glass-ceramic and of good quality so that the repair will extend the life of the glass-ceramic.

Induction doesn’t work. Before calling a technician, check that the cookware you are using is suitable for induction cookers. If the problem is with the plate the fault is in the earth detector, these sensors can be damaged causing the induction not to start.

How to repair it? Contact a technician since it is an electrical problem. The technician must check the induction sensors, if the problem has originated in one of these detectors, he will only have to replace the damaged sensor with a new one. This way, we will avoid replacing the whole board.

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It turns off while you’re cooking. Sometimes the glass-ceramic hob starts up but soon turns off, the causes of a sudden and continuous blackout are very different: it can be due to the thermostats, the control plate, the plug or even the power cable. If your ceramic hob turns off, don’t cook again. Leave it off and contact a specialized technician.

How to repair it? It is seldom necessary to change the entire glass of the glass ceramic due to a problem of this type. But it will be the technician who will analyze the glass. It is always advisable to go to a professional technical service in the event of a breakdown in the glass-ceramic in your home. It does not matter if it is an electrical problem or a fault in the plate itself, handling the glass of a glass-ceramic is always a very delicate job, in addition the internal system is complex and can cause greater problems if we do not have extensive knowledge of this type of repair. Most electrical failures in glass-ceramics occur because the plug and other electrical elements are in bad condition. If we do not carry out a correct repair and installation of new and quality parts the repair can lead to other breakdowns in the short term. Always contact reliable repair companies, with experience and if possible, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Although before contacting an independent company, check the warranty of the device as it may still be in force and that the failure is not caused by misuse. In this case, the manufacturer should take care of the repair.

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Glass-Ceramic Repair: Tools That You Need For Glass-Ceramic Repair
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