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Electric Oven Repairs – How to fix five common problems

Electric Oven Repairs - How to fix five common problems

There are many possible reasons for the failure of your electric oven. You know you must repair your electric oven, but what should you repair? You can fix most of the problems that occur with electric ovens. Before worrying about the cost of a new oven, read this guide on common electric oven repair issues.

Oven element

Problem: The element (the part that gets hot when you turn on the oven) isn’t functioning.
Solution: This is a relatively common electric oven repair. To fix it, order a new element for your oven and use that to replace the faulty one.


Problem: The thermostat in your oven isn’t working correctly. It measures the temperature inside and turns off the element when it reaches the desired level. Your oven may not heat enough, become too hot, or fail to heat.
Solution: Replace the thermostat that’s not working with a new one.

Terminal block

Problem: The oven won’t even turn on when you plug it in.
Solution: Replace your cooker’s terminal block to ensure power can reach it.

Oven fan

Problem: Your electric fan oven’s fan is not working correctly. Your food will cook unevenly because the fan needs to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven.
Solution: Purchase a new fan assembly for the oven and replace any faulty components as needed.

Oven door seal

Problem: The rubber seal on your oven door must be fixed. The oven will take longer to heat and use more energy.
Solution: Purchase a new oven seal and attach it to the door.

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Electric Oven Repairs – How to fix five common problems
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