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Effects Of Appliances On Human Beings

Effects Of Appliances On Human Beings

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No one can deny the fact that appliances have helped us in our daily lives. People used to work manually like washing clothes by hand and taking them out in the sun to make them dry or if you have come home from a tired hectic routine hungry and now you have to stand in front of a stove to warm the food, things get quite difficult and annoying. But with loads of benefits of these appliances, some risks also come along in the package. Some of the most common appliances Carlsbad that we use these days are microwave ovens, air conditioners, heating systems, washing machines and refrigerators. Although there are a lot of other appliances out there these are some of the major appliances with some problems that we cannot see from the eye but they can affect our health.

Homes, offices and kitchens are full of electric appliances these days, but how can they be hazardous to us? Let’s have a look.

Microwave Oven: With lots of ease and benefits, some of the problems we can face with microwave ovens are:

  • There are high frequency electromagnetic waves which are emitted by these microwaves and can affect the processes of your body. 10 Hz frequency and higher are dangerous for humans, and the frequency inside an oven is 2.5 billion Hz approximately. The manufacturers are strictly advised to manufacture ovens with tight seals so that no radiation comes out of it but, with time the seals become loose and the harmful radiations leaves the room and can result in making your immune system weak and some other health problems.
  • Another big issue is that the food cooked in ovens can also be harmful. It can: decrease your white blood cells; cause stress; increase your cholesterol levels;  create deficiency in hemoglobin; damage your eyes due to the absence of blood vessels.

Air Conditioners Influence
Chilled weather in hot blazing summers is what AC’s are made for. But it also comes with some health issues. Following are some of them:

  • Your eyes get affected due to AC’s, problems are known as Blepharitis and Conjunctivitis.
  • AC’s can make you lazy which may stop you from going out in the sun, as sun is a natural source of vitamin D which is an essential for your body.
  • AC is bad for your skin, if you are spending most of your time in a room that has AC in it then your skin might get dry.
  • When it is hot outside and you get in a room with an AC in it whether in the office or at home, you will suffer a humidity and temperature change which will cause direct problems to your respiratory systems.
Effects Of Appliances On Human Beings

Refrigerators: There is no place left in this world where you can expect no refrigerators. It is an essential and everyone knows it. But refrigerators create electromagnetic fields which can be harmful. To make them risk free and beneficial for us, it is mandatory that we keep on servicing them on regular intervals. It is also necessary that you take extra safety measures and buy devices like radiation protection.

Effects Of Appliances On Human Beings

Washing machines: Just like every other appliance, washing machines are also mandatory in every home but due to its electronic nature, it also emits electromagnetic radiations which are harmful for you. If you expose yourself too much to these electronic appliances, there is a lot of chance that your immune system will suffer as well as you may get mental and physical stress.

Heating system: Heating systems come to the rescue when freezingly cold winters arrive. But these heating systems can have bad effects as well. Oxygen level falls below the required level which may cause suffocation. Other health issues can be:

  • Nasal blockade.
  • Eyes could get dry due to lack of humidity in air.

To sum it up, these appliances are the most commonly used appliances in our everyday life and one cannot think of a relaxed and easy life without it and not to forget they are very helpful but cause some of the problems described above if used in excessive amounts. Just try and use them when necessary.

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Effects Of Appliances On Human Beings
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